Limited Edition Black APERIO

Limited Edition Black APERIO

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The Ultimate Performance Rebel

The Limited Edition BLACK APERIO reference headphone system delivers the highest level of audio performance achievable, by means of our proprietary planar electrostatic technology.

It has been created for the discerning music enthusiast seeking the most unforgettable and remarkable listening experience delivered in a one of kind, eye-catching, headphone system.

The headphone grilles and hardware are all finished in black and the Amplifier front panel has a high-polish finish.  In addition, the front panel, volume control and input select switch all have bright edge detailing. Each Black APERIO also bears a ‘Limited Edition’ nameplate that sits on top of the Amplifier.

The Limited Edition Black APERIO will be limited to a maximum build of 50 Systems, each one coming with certification.

The APERIO range of systems are all hand-built in the UK and production units will be available from June 2022.

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