Drivers and

All the downloads you need for Windows and MAC.

Sonoma Amp

System Drivers: Sonoma Amp

Windows users

Download XMOS Driver Installer to ensure bit-perfect transmission to your Sonoma M1 amplifier. You may also need to update your firmware if your installed version is lower than the one below.

  1. Download XMOS Driver Installer (4.11.0.A)
  2. Download Firmware (2.0.0)


Windows antivirus software may try to prevent you from installing the driver. If it does, select ‘Run anyway’ to proceed.

Apple users

Mac users should use the Firmware Updater Package utility to both query and update the installed firmware version. We continually strive to improve the performance of the Model One, and may release updated firmware from time to time. If your installed version is lower in number, please use this file to update to the latest release version.

  1. Download Firmware Updater Packager (1.0a2)
  2. Download Firmware (2.0.0)


System Drivers: APERIO

Windows users

In some cases, you may need to install a ASIO Driver to run DSD256 music files if using Windows. The Driver can be downloaded by clicking below.

Otherwise there should not be any need to download Drivers for the setup and operation of the APERIO.

If you are having any difficulties with connecting to the APERIO, please email us at and our technical team will be happy to help.

  1. Download ASIO Driver