Audio Joy

The live music experience. Nothing can beat it. We strive to match it, with audio reproduction so flawless it's like you're really there.

Inspired ByThe Human Ear

Our pioneering electrostatic transducer is thin, light and multilayered. Just like an eardrum.

The Electroacoustic


Ultralow mass ensures extremely accurate sound reproduction.


Patented structure enables precise direction and focus of sound.


37 design levers support perfect delivery of multiple applications across any vehicle configuration.

Speaker breakdown

Where Music Comes To Life

We bring people the joy of listening, whether they're at home, in the studio or on the road.

Person using headphones
Person using headphones
Person using headphones

Culture And Values

Passionate about our products. Caring for our colleagues. Together, we're changing how music sounds for good.

Our people

Say hello to some of the brightest minds in audio and automotive.

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Explore opportunities in our R&D facility, technical workshop or office teams.