This is what exceptional audio looks like;
imagine what it sounds like.

Every sense awakened

Introducing the new BRAVURA - from the Italian, meaning:
"great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance."

Awarded Headphone Of The Year 2021 by HiFi+ and described by Grammy-award winning cellist Zuill Bailey as ‘beyond words’, award-winning premium electrostatic headphone system creators, Warwick Acoustics, have designed and manufactured the BRAVURA for lovers of exceptional audio, looking to own a system that offers unrivalled sound quality and musicality.

The BRAVURA is designed to awaken every sense and heighten every emotion when listening to your favourite music. Slip on the luxurious lightweight and comfortable headphones, close your eyes and within moments, you are no longer listening; you are there!

Lifestyle Image - BRAVURA

The art of sound

Developed for the audio connoisseur and those seeking audio perfection, the award-winning BRAVURA headphone system delivers the ultimate in luxury listening.

As with the other premium electrostatic headphones in the Warwick Acoustics range, the BRAVURA reproduces audio content as pristinely and accurately as possible, revealing the details and complexities of an original recording without colouration or alteration.

Simply put, it breathes new life into the music that you love.

Live the music

The BRAVURA Headphones, available in either Silver or a special Black Edition, have been designed to pair with the highly acclaimed Sonoma M1 Amplifier, which is also now available in a special Black Edition finish.

BRAVURA Hero Shot Silver

Silver BRAVURA Headphone


BRAVURA Hero Shot Black

Black Edition BRAVURA Headphone


Silver Sonoma Amplifier


Black Sonoma Amplifier


Silver BRAVURA M1 System

Complete Silver BRAVURA M1 System


Black BRAVURA M1 System

Complete Black BRAVURA M1 System


Product reviews

Studio Magazin BRAVURA Front Cover

...the Bravura is a model of clarity, transparency, spectral homogeneity and transient precision, as well as an exceptional spatial representation – a precision tool with a musical ‘soul’. This really gets me and you won’t feel any different…” – Fritz Frey

Read the full review here


(Fritz Frey, Studio Magazin - March 2022)

Moon Audio Logo

The BRAVURA Electrostatic Headphone is “Designed to Amaze”

Read the full review here

(Moon Audio, USA - February 2022)

Muscialhead Logo

“The BRAVURA could end the internal search for the sonic grail for a long time”

(Read the BRAVURA Review from Fidelio at Musicalhead)


Crutchfield Review of BRAVURA

The BRAVURA – Out Of This World!!

“Some headphones are known for certain strengths and sonic characteristics. But in terms of the overall listening experience, the Warwick Acoustic BRAVURA headphone system is one of the best I’ve ever heard”


(Crutchfield – March 2022)

Headphone of the Year 2021


HiFi_ Award 2021

(The BRAVURA is awarded 'Headphone of the Year 2021' by HiFi+)

Lite-Magazin, Germany
The BRAVURA is truly outstanding

(Philipp Schneckenburger, Lite-Magazin, Germany)

5 Star BRAVURA Review from The Ear

The BRAVURA treats listeners to a compelling sonic ride!

“The BRAVURA headphone has given us a mature version of the technology that, while it may not satisfy all potential buyers, can certainly now be considered a mainstream contender purely on its sonic merits.”


(The EAR - March 2022)

The BRAVURA – Next Generation Headphone

First Official Review of the BRAVURA

HiFi Plus Logo Gold APERIO

(Alan Sircom, HiFi+, BRAVURA Review )

The BRAVURA – One of the best I’ve ever heard!

“I simply cannot describe the experience of hearing music through the new Bravura Headphones from Warwick acoustics. It’s beyond words! I can finally hear what I feel sitting behind my beautiful cello. Bravo to this magnificent company for giving the world this gift. BRAVURA headphones and SONOMA M1’s. – Out of this world!

(Zuil Bailey - September 2021)

Some of the Warwick Acoustics Accolades

Discover audio heaven

With advancements to our core patented technology over the last three years, the latest evolution of the single-ended transducer uses a new stator design and more advanced materials resulting in ultra-low distortion, increased SPL and a wider bandwidth. Each transducer is handmade and individually matched, resulting in remarkable listening experiences with unrivalled transparency and musicality.


BRAVURA Transducer

Features and colours

  • Injected magnesium ear-cups
  • Handmade sheep hair ear cushions
  • A luxury hand-stitched headband
  • Custom low-capacitance cable
  • Lightweight and comfortable headband

About Warwick Acoustics

At Warwick Acoustics, we are single-minded in our mission;
to create remarkable listening experiences.

Our ground-breaking audio systems breathe fresh life into the music that moves you. Whether it’s through our multi-award-winning headphone systems or our world first in-car ElectroAcoustic System, we offer a listening experience that’s as immersive as it is intimate, as thrilling as it is authentic.

We believe in creating products that are designed from the ground up in order to deliver the best personal audio listening experience available to our customers.

Our team are pioneering perfectionists. The pursuit of excellence is our primary goal, and everything really does matter! From custom built low noise power supplies to the highest grade cables and leather ear pads. Passionate, Transparency, Neutrality, Truthfulness are words close to our hearts…

You are no longer listening; you are there.