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Soundphile Review of the APERIO

Last Stop to Heaven – The APERIO from Warwick Acoustics

Riccardo Robecchi has spent time reviewing our APERIO electrostatic headphone system in great detail over the past few weeks, and in summary, Riccardo expresses that;

‘There few headphones that push the limits of what is possible to achieve like the Warwick Acoustics APERIO does. Not only is it a great achievement from an engineering point of view, but an achievement that also brings great sound quality with it. Thinking that this is only the second product that Warwick Acoustics created seems impossible, but the company has aimed high and succeeded in its efforts. “

He continues in his thorough review by saying;

“Tonally speaking the APERIO is not perfect – nothing in this world is – but the way the music is portrayed makes the headphones sound almost as if they were an instrument themselves and not just a reproduction system”

You can read the full review by clicking here.