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Oracle Time APERIO Review

Oracle Time – the London-based magazine with all the latest watch and luxury lifestyle news has recently reviewed and identified our latest flagship APERIO Headphone System as “possibly the finest headphone system on the market today”.

The review in June’s edition talks about the aesthetics of the system saying;

“Visually, the APERIO is stunning. The system isn’t overly stylised, eschewing the exotic wood cabinetry and over-the-top flair of many a high-end piece of equipment. Instead, its clean, thoughtful details and contemporary style make for a seriously impressive-looking piece of tech. But it’s still nothing compared to the sound – a sound that begins with the transducer”

It goes on to talk about comfort;

“As for comfort, the headphones themselves are built from a combination of lightweight injected magnesium and leather. Both the materials used and the shape of the earcups create a comfortable seal, perfect for long listening sessions.”

To read the full review click here.