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Crutchfield Review of the APERIO

Jeff Miller from Crutchfield reviews the APERIO

Jeff Miller (also known as the ‘Headphone Guy’) at Crutchfield has had the opportunity to spend over a month with our APERIO Headphone System in order to complete a full review…his verdict?? Let’s see…

His first impressions in his review were….

“At times, sound seems to appear from thin air — like the headphones themselves are almost removed. It’s a heady mix, somehow at once deeply intimate and refreshingly spacious. The Warwick Acoustics Aperio headphone system delivers one of the most profound examples of this spectacular sonic phenomenon that I’ve heard yet”.

Jeff Miller - Crutchfield - APERIO Review

Within his review (click here), Jeff evaluates all the technical aspects of the electrostatic APERIO, its design, features and shares his overall listening impressions.

His final thoughts?

“I came to these headphones very familiar with Warwick’s Bravura system, so I knew what the company was capable of, but this exceeded my expectations. The Aperio takes everything I loved about the Bravura and turns it up a notch — especially the pinpoint imaging, sense of space, and instrument separation.This system somehow heightens each individual trait and the overall experience. I was dropped in the middle of my music and turned from passive listener into — at least emotionally — an active participant. By revealing hidden details in familiar tunes and presenting new-to-me songs with all their distinct nuances, I felt more in tune with the mood of each track.

To read the full review, click here

A big thank you to Jeff and the incredible team at Crutchfield!