BRAVURA Headphone Black & White

BRAVURA Review –

BRAVURA Review –

Spanish Doctor and Audiophile, Vihueladelsur, has recently spent time with the Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA System and has offered his personal impressions of them on his blog –

In his recent review, Vihueladelsur, appreciated many things about the BRAVURA Headphone System; from its packaging, “Taking them out of their boxes is already an experience according to their price and range.”, to its construction and finish, “The amplifier has magnificent finishes… The vent is what I think of in a beautiful industrial design and the different levers and volume dial have a soft but firm feel… It is noticeable that the headphones are made with care. The only plastic part is the one that holds the headband by its upper part but the rest is all metal and leather… visually it is very beautiful…”, and not forgetting its acoustic performance, “For me it is as if I had the best neutral headphones, with the advantages of that sound profile, to which I add many excellent technical parameters or, at least, very good.”

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Miasuriculares Reviews BRAVURA from Warwick Acoustics

* Review is in Spanish but can be translated using Google Translate