The BRAVURA - “An awe-inspiring piece of kit"

A. Garden, United Kingdom

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Alex Garden Studio BRAVURA Headphone System

The BRAVURA - “An awe-inspiring piece of kit that will redefine your audio listening experience forever”

“Having worked as a mix engineer with the BRAVURA headphone system, including Sonoma amplifier, for over a month now I can testify that they are an extremely valuable tool for my line of work. Originally designed for hi-fi listening experiences they provide a level of detail and realism to audio which I had simply never experienced from headphones before. I’m able to hear every sound in minute detail, as though it were under a microscope. My workflow has transformed as a result of having access to these in my studio. I usually mix on a pair of industry standard dynamic headphones and my trusty pair of Adam Audio near-field monitors. Now, when I’m looking to surgically tame a tricky resonance, dial in the perfect high end or EQ anything in general, I find the BRAVURA’s so much more revealing and uncompromising in their sound that I immediately reach for them.

I work a lot with folk and acoustic music which requires a larger dynamic range than some other genres and I’ve found that the BRAVURA’s handle this extremely well. I’ll often reach for them when I’m gently compressing audio as they will always let me know if I’m over-squashing a sound or if there’s a resonance somewhere getting in the way. There are some things they cannot do. I personally wouldn’t use any open back headphones for recording due to potential spill so they are reserved mostly for the editing and mixing stages of production. Also, due to their extremely flat response, I often need to double check what’s going on in the lower ranges with my near-field monitors – sometimes a little colouration is helpful!

The headphones are comfortable to wear, even comforting I would say. Their snug, cosy padding and lightweight design means that, unlike most other headphones, I don’t tire of wearing them after half an hour or so. They are a stunning design, looking and feeling exquisite to the eyes and to the touch. The cable and connectors alone are a work of art, not to mention Warwick Acoustic’s trademark honeycomb pattern which contains the electrostatic drivers themselves, visible through an attractive external grille.

I’ve been using them mostly with the ‘digital’ circuit engaged and I find the DACs to be completely flawless coming straight out of my DAW. The analogue circuit is also flawless in my experience but offers slightly less dynamic range with my setup – most likely to do with my inferior interface. The sleek design of the Sonoma amplifier is attractive too. I love the sturdy volume or ‘level’ knob which works in a brilliant way – as you turn it up, the audio doesn’t get much louder as such, but more detailed and exposed. You’ll have to try it to understand what I mean.

Overall the Bravura system’s rugged, modular design is an awe-inspiring piece of kit that’s built to last and will redefine your audio listening experience forever.”

Warwick Acoustics

Warwick Acoustics