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BRAVURA Silver Headphone System Lifestyle

The Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA 'Shakes this Small Universe'

The team at ON-Mag.fr (French online audio publication) have recently completed an in-depth review of the BRAVURA Headphone System, and shared their thoughts (in their opinion) on how it compares to other similar headphone products in the marketplace currently today.

In its review, the journalists explore the headphones design, feel, comfort, frequency range and its general sound characteristics.

In it’s summary, they express that the BRAVURA headphone is indeed the ‘King of Detail, and conclude their review by saying;

… “for those looking for the most detailed and technical headphone in the market, this could be the holy grail”

ON-Mag.fr AWARD for the BRAVURA

We are excited to also announce that ON-Mag.fr have awarded the BRAVURA with its top prize for audio products 2023 – the “Coup De Cœur”.

Read the full review here * The review is in French but can be easily translated by Google Translate within the web-browser.

Read the PDF Version of the Review in French here

Warwick Acoustics

Warwick Acoustics