Editors' Choice Award 2022 - Sonoma Model One

Sonoma Model One Award

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"A world-class design from Warwick Acoustics"

Our Sonoma Model One Headphone System keeps on astonishing the audio world and delighting ears with its clarity and stunning sound as it receives another accolade. This time, for the third year running, it has been given the ‘EDITORS’ CHOICE AWARD 2022′ from The Absolute Sound publication.

In their explanation of the continuous support of our Sonoma M1 Headphone System, the editor’s at The Absolute Sound expressed that;

This electrostatic design is packed with proprietary technologies, including an innovative electrostatic panel. The result is a headphone of extraordinary clarity and cohesion, a “whole cloth” sound that can only be achieved with a single full-range transducer and no crossover network. The speed and clarity of the electrostatic panel are presented within a harmonically neutral tapestry along with spot-on pitch precision in the bass. A world-class design.

That brings the award count for the Sonoma Model One to 26 since its launch in 2017.

Warwick Acoustics

Warwick Acoustics