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Warwick Acoustics APERIO Headphone System Beauty Shot 2

...."this might be the best pair of headphones one can buy right now"...

The team at eCoustics, USA over the past few weeks have spent time with our APERIO Headphone System completing a full in-depth review.

Will Jennings, also known to many as 'Audiofool', has been in the audio circle for years, and has been fortunate enough to have listened and reviewed some of the best headphone products out in the market. Thus, he was well prepared when he received the APERIO Headphone System to put it through its paces and offer comparisons and judgement.

The full review can be read here.

His lasting impressions;

"Having tried almost all of the top headphones in the world, there is a strong urge to say that the Warwick Acoustics Aperio Headphone system belongs in very select company and that it is worth its high asking price.

The reality is that it might be the best pair of headphones one can buy right now if your finances permit.

Forever grateful for the opportunity to audition them for two weeks and would strongly advise anyone with the chance to hear them (even if you can’t afford them) to savour every moment with them. Remarkable product."

Warwick Acoustics APERIO Electrostatic Headphone System: Review

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