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Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA Headphone System Silver Lifestyle.1

The Exceptional BRAVURA System the United Kingdom

Kermit Heartsong from AudioKey Reviews has spent some time with the BRAVURA Headphone System from Warwick Acoustics, experiencing what he refers to as; it’s exceptional ‘Electrostatic-ness’ sound.

His review explores the systems overall sound performance across the frequency range, its design, functionality and packaging (Review Here).

His overall conclusion of the BRAVURA System is that “it's wonderfully musical and transparent with a rich and intoxicating midrange, a well resolved treble, and stout upper and mid bass”.

Kermit was overly impressed and has awarded the Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA System a HIGH NINES AWARD for exceptional High-Fidelity reproduction.

Read the full review here.

AUDIOKEY awards the Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA Headphone System the HIGH-NINES Award

Warwick Acoustics

Warwick Acoustics