Alan Silverman - Aerial Sound, New York City (formerly Arf! Mastering)

Alan Silverman, Owner - Aerial Sound, New York City (formerly Arf! Mastering)

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Alan Silverman - Studio with APERIO and Sonoma Headphone Systems

"Listening to music with APERIO is a joy.”

"After decades of work as a recording engineer, there are very few memorable “firsts” anymore, but my first listen to the APERIO was astonishing.

The clarity and smoothness of the sound was something I could not have imagined. So this is what virtually perfect impulse response in a transducer is like! Spatial cues and depth are so refined that it seems that we’re listening in open air.

The separation and definition of elements in the mix is mesmerising. Listening to a track featuring a female vocal with a male trio of background singers very low in the mix, I could easily hear each of the male voices individually, where before, with my best high-end monitoring, there was only the blend.

This is a remarkable new paradigm for the mixing and mastering of high quality audio. Listening to music with Aperio is a joy.”

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