99 out 100 for the BRAVURA from Lite-Magazin.de

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Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA Lite-magazin.de

The Bravura system is high-end sound in its purest form.

Philipp Schneckenburger from Lite-Magazin, Germany, reviews the latest BRAVURA headphone from Warwick Acoustics in great detail, and awards it an incredible 99 out of 100 mark!

The review (which is in German but can be translated into English from the main review page – click here) looks at the material used on the headphone as well as the styling, acoustic performance and overall performance.

Philipp’s overal conclusion is;

“The Bravura system is high-end sound in its purest form. The finest materials, high-quality technology and excellent sound performance go hand in hand here. The headphones are very comfortable to wear and have the best workmanship. The amplifier shines with an excellent feel and elegant appearance. The stylish Black Edition brings even more exclusivity, even if the extra charge hurts a bit. With the Bravura, Warwick Acoustics offers an audio system for discerning listeners for whom great handling is just as important as excellent sound.”

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Warwick Acoustics

Warwick Acoustics