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The BRAVURA headphone is manufactured in the UK and proudly carries the MADE IN BRITAIN mark.

Introducing the BRAVURA

From the Italian, meaning ‘great technical skill and brilliance shown in a performance’, the BRAVURA is the latest in our range of premium electrostatic headphones, following on from the multi-award-winning Sonoma M1 and APERIO Headphone Systems.

We have invested 3 additional years of transducer development to refine our core patented technology to further improve upon all the benefits for which electrostatics are famous for, demonstrated by our Sonoma M1, which has to date won a total of 25 global industry awards.

The latest evolution of the single-ended transducer used in the BRAVURA utilises a new stator design and more advanced materials resulting in ultra-low distortion, increased SPL and a wider bandwidth. Delivering the latest in unparalleled levels of performance and sound quality, each transducer is handmade in Warwickshire and individually matched resulting in a listening experience with unrivalled transparency and musicality.

Both the BRAVURA headphone and cable are manufactured in the UK and proudly carry the MADE IN BRITAIN mark.

As a business that listens carefully to its customers, we have taken all of the feedback regarding the Sonoma M1 into consideration when developing the BRAVURA. As a result, in addition to the advancements to the transducer, we have made the headband on the BRAVURA far more comfortable and luxurious, using a similar design to that used on our flagship APERIO headphone.

The BRAVURA headphone, available in either Silver or a special Black Edition, have been designed to pair with the highly acclaimed Sonoma M1 Amplifier, which is also now available in a special Black Edition finish.

Those that already own a Sonoma M1 System can simply buy a BRAVURA headphone, otherwise you will need to buy a BRAVURA headphone and a Sonoma M1 Amplifier as a complete system in the colour of your choice.

The BRAVURA is designed to awaken every sense and heighten every emotion when listening to your favourite music. Slip on these remarkable headphones, close your eyes and within moments, you are no longer listening, you are there!

Designed to Amaze.

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