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Warwick Acoustics APERIO in Silver

Warwick Acoustics’ APERIO Redefines Refined Listening

The headphone system that refuses to compromise.

Even our favourite tunes can start to lose their magic after weeks of repeated play. But with Warwick Acoustics’ APERIO headphones system, you can breathe new life into your most beloved tracks.

We’ve tried some spectacular headphones in our time but everything about the APERIO is unforgettable. Hand-made in Great Britain, the APERIO is a multi-award winning sound system designed from the ground up to deliver an uncompromising audio experience. The APERIO is built for music professionals and discerning audiophiles who want to truly elevate their sound experience.

This state of the art system includes a pair of headphones and HiFi pre-amplifier. They come in a stunning transportation case with ample protection to ensure that your system is protected when transported.

Of course, it helps that the system now comes with an exclusive 24k gold finish (everything is better in gold) but it’s the audio performance that truly puts this headphone system in a league of its own.

Eloquent excellence, flawless finesse

The word APERIO means to uncover or reveal in Latin. This is exactly the mission that Warwick Acoustics sets itself up to accomplish here. Reproduce and reveal audio content definitively and without alteration.

And they’ve succeeded. These headphones are the key to a whole new audio realm, opening the door to a high-resolution soundscape broadcast to your ears without the slightest distortion — a flawless fidelity in sound rich in musical sensitivity.

The APERIO headphones system was designed to fulfil the demands of professional audio producers—for use during mastering, mixing, and recording sessions. But for any discerning music-lover who takes their sound experiences seriously, these high-end headphones are here to do justice to your masterfully curated playlists.

Pure performances, perfected

At Warwick Acoustics, superlative quality is the name of the game. Their ‘complete system design’ philosophy means they handle every element of the design and construction process. There’s no mixing of different technologies, ensuring total synergy between all parts.

What’s more, to guarantee the most accurate reproduction of audio content, every aspect of the signal path has been optimised to eliminate distortion or discolouration. All data that passes through the chain remains pure and unadulterated.

But it’s the transducer that really steals the show. The APERIO features the highest quality BD-HPEL (Balanced-Drive High Precision Electrostatic Laminate) transducer on the market. While electrostatic speakers are known for their incredible clarity, this highly innovative design is further optimised to allow greater dynamic range and deeper bass response, as well as ultra-minimal distortion.

What’s more, you can update all the firmware via the USB input, ensuring the headphones are entirelyfuture-proof.

The crux of the matter: Superlative sound

As you might imagine from such meticulous attention to detail and engineering excellence, the sound quality of the APERIO is unlike anything you’ll have experienced before.

Audio is re-created with impeccable accuracy, exceptional precision, and zero harshness. The detail retrieval is extraordinary and the pristine soundstaging means orchestral music, in particular, sounds astonishing. We could imagine the location of each individual instrument and the tonality was superb. You really feel like you’re in the venue.

Overall, the smoothness, depth, and flawless clarity of the sound makes taking these headphones off nearly impossible—even after several consecutive hours of listening.

And the best part? The APERIO comes with a headphone amplifier with a line output so you can connect it to a loudspeaker system, allowing you to share this incredible listening experience with others.

The new gold standard: Limited edition, infinite bliss

One of the most thrilling aspects of the APERIO is the newly released limited-edition gold finish. The headphone grilles, hardware, and amplifier front panel have all been hand-finished in 99.9999% pure 24 kt gold. This gold version is exclusively limited to 100 units hand-finished in England’s Historic Jewellery Quarter.

Each headphone system has an individually numbered Limited Edition nameplate—a reminder that owning a pair of APERIO headphones makes you a member of a very exclusive club.

The ear cushions are made from silky-smooth Cabretta leather and the ear cups are made of injection-moulded magnesium, ensuring no resonance. Care was also taken to ensure optimum airflow.

The design is lightweight (only 405 grams) and creates a comfortable seal around your ear for long listening sessions. And the system also comes packaged in a rugged travel case that is watertight, crushproof, and dustproof.

Experience immaculate, immersive sound

The fact of the matter is, driving is more exciting in a Bugatti, telling the time is more fun with a Rolex, and listening to music is far more special with the APERIO.

At £20,000 for the silver edition and £30,000 for the gold edition, this one-of-a-kind headphones system is not cheap—but once you realise the care, thought, and attention to detail that has gone into delivering such audio excellence, we reckon you’ll be willing to ignore the price-tag.

You can get in touch with the Warwick Acoustics team to learn more about the APERIO or visit Harrods in London to experience the GOLD APERIO in person. The Limited Edition 24 kt Gold APERIO is exclusively available in the UK from Harrods at this time. It is located in their VIP listening room in the Technology Department on Level 5.

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