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About Us

The Warwick Acoustics R&D team has its genesis in academia and high-end audio, specifically developing tools required for the production of High Resolution Audio recordings.

Just as premium automotive brands draw upon their experience and cutting-edge technologies from competitive racing programs, Warwick Acoustics leverages decades of professional audio development – from a team responsible for some of the most advanced and innovative applications produced for the consumer and professional audio markets.

Here are some of the factors behind our Eco-Friendly, Design Enabling, Premium Audio solution. 



We pride ourselves on delivering ground-breaking innovative in-car audio systems that breathe fresh new life into the music that moves you. We strive to use innovation to build listening experiences that are as immersive as they are intimate, as thrilling as they are authentic in one of the harshest consumer operating environments.

Our solutions are built on a deep foundation of innovation in electrostatic acoustics. Spun out from the University of Warwick in 2002, Warwick Acoustics has developed a portfolio of seven fundamental patents on structures and manufacturing processes associated with bonded thin film electrostatic speakers.

Our world class R&D team continues to break new ground that is redefining the state of the art in electrostatic speaker technology and associated drive electronics, pushing back the boundaries of both environmental performance and economics of this technology.

Remarkable Listening Experiences

Warwick Acoustics is passionate about delivering acoustic excellence in everything we do. Our philosophy is based around the highest reproduction of original music recording echoing the emotion of the artist’s original performance

Our ground breaking headphone systems have won numerous awards world wide and have been acclaimed by many as the best headphone systems money can buy. They are characterised by the accuracy and transparency of their reproduction.

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That is a characteristic which we bring to our automotive systems, and which we believe will become increasingly important to consumers as, firstly, quieter electrified vehicles, and, secondly, autonomous transportation become increasingly prevalent in the market.


Design Philosophy

At Warwick Acoustics, we view our customers as partners. You are not simply buying a component off the shelf. Our designers work with your audio, interior design, and marketing teams to create solutions that deliver the end customer experience aligned with your own corporate and product goals.

Visually and acoustically, we mould our solution to the needs of your vehicle to ensure that the audio system becomes part of the signature that you as a vehicle manufacturer seek to put on your product.

The Team

Warwick Acoustics has established a “World Class” automotive team with over 50 years of combined experience within Bose, Harman Automotive, JLR, McLaren Automotive and Meridian Audio.




Meet the Team

Our Home

Warwick Acoustic is located at Europe’s largest and most comprehensive automotive technology facilities, the award-winning Mira Technology Park.

The purpose-designed and built campus at the centre of the UK automotive industry in the Midlands boasts world-class facilities and is home to Europe’s largest proving ground (24 tracks equating to over 100km of road) and automotive R&D hub.

Along with management offices, Warwick Acoustics has a R&D facility and bespoke state-of-the-art technical workshop on site.

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