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Warwick Audio Technologies Name Change to
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Warwick Audio Technologies Ltd announces a rebrand and company name change to Warwick Acoustics

New name and fresh identity reflects pioneering audiotech business’s growth and further investment in delivering outstanding listening experiences




Nuneaton, Warwickshire, UK, Friday 5th October 2018 – Warwick Audio Technologies Ltd, the company behind the SonomaTM Electrostatic Headphone System announces that beginning today, the business will operate under a new name, Warwick Acoustics. As well as incorporating the company’s pioneering HPEL transducer business, the new brand will also provide a new identity for its wholly owned subsidiary, Sonoma Acoustics.

The new name signals positive momentum towards the company’s vision of delivering remarkable Hi-ResTM Audio experiences across multiple markets.

“It’s been a great year for us at Warwick Audio Technologies and Sonoma Acoustics. Our HPEL-equipped SonomaTM headphone system has been awarded 8 industry awards and won critical acclaim from across the audiophile community,” said Dr Mike Grant, CEO.

“We believe now is the right time to more closely associate our core technology with the outstanding Hi-ResTM Audio experiences exemplified in our headphones,” he added. “This is a significant step in our evolution as both a company and a brand. One outstanding team, one design philosophy, and one pioneering approach to creating remarkable listening experiences.”

Building on the visual identity established with its pioneering SonomaTM headphone system, the company has created a new brand platform for the freshly combined businesses. A new website has also been built with a renewed focus on the customer experience the company delivers, along with the flexibility to accommodate future developments in both headphones and Hi-ResTM automotive markets.

Over the months ahead, Warwick Acoustics will be investing in building consumer awareness for the new brand while continuing to promote its flagship SonomaTM headphone system.

The company is exhibiting at Rocky Mountain Audio Festival from October 5th–7th. Enthusiasts of Hi-ResTM audio will also be able to audition the SonomaTM headphone system at leading hi-fi and pro-audio shows in the coming months, including New York’s AES (October 18th – 21st) and Tokyo’s The Headphone Festival (27th-28th October). In November, the company will be exhibiting at CanJam Shanghai (3rd- 4th) and Cologne’s TMT30 (14th – 17th).


About Warwick Acoustics (formerly Warwick Audio Technologies Ltd)

Warwick Acoustics Ltd is a UK-based audio technology business focused on creating remarkable listening experiences in personal audio and automotive. As well as developing the award-winning SonomaTM headphone system, the company is the creator of the patented bonded High Precision Electrostatic Laminate transducer (HPEL) which sits at the Sonoma’s heart. 

Initially developed by Dr Duncan Billson and Professor David Hutchins of the University of Warwick’s School of Engineering, the HPEL concept operates on the electrostatic principal, instead of relying on magnetics. Warwick Acoustics’ new generation of bonded, lightweight, ultra-high performance loudspeakers offers unparalleled audio quality within an ultra-compact, high-efficiency form factor. In conjunction with the company’s unique systems-based approach, the HPEL is capable of an incredibly fast transient response and dynamic range, delivering effortlessly open and natural sound reproduction. The result is a Hi-ResTM listening experience of remarkable fidelity, authenticity and emotional depth.

Orazio Pollaci
Marketing Manager
Warwick Acoustics Ltd
M: +44 (0)7920 79 79 79
E: Orazio.pollaci@warwickacoustics.com

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