The Sonoma Headphone & DAC unit

Warwick Acoustics has achieved ‘Absolute Perfection’

The latest review from Fritz Fey of ‘Studio Magazin’ (the legendary German Pro Audio Magazine) describes the Sonoma Model One as ‘Absolute Perfection‘.

A summary of the review (which is in German) reads;

With the Model One headphone system, Sonoma Acoustics has achieved absolute perfection. I consider these headphones the perfect addition to my speaker system, unfortunately, if I may say so – because the price in the shop of the German exclusive importer audioNEXT is €5.694,99 inclusive tax, which lies clearly outside of my budget. But since this is not about what I can do for myself (there is a lot that falls into this category), we stick to the performance and quality that we have to evaluate… Without a fuss, there’s still a lot to come, but the M1 system delivers by far the best headphone reproduction I’ve ever experienced. So casual and relaxed, with at the same time extreme precision, depth of presentation, balance and transparency – I have never heard that before. There is a lot of know-how in this development and such a thing costs money, even if it hurts. There is actually no question about it, the M1 system is the hammer, unrestricted top class. If we had an editorial rating system, I would give six stars out of five… these exaggerations are a bit embarrassing for me, but what should I do?  You must hear that for yourself and then you will agree with me without reservation.  Absolute studio reference!

The full review (in German) can be accessed by clicking here.