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The Ear – BRAVURA Review

The BRAVURA Headphone – A 5 STAR Review from The EAR 


The Ear - 5 Star review of the BRAVURA


The Ear (Hi-Fi Music Gear) online audio publication has spent some intimate time with the BRAVURA Headphone and completed a full product review which can be found here.

In a very honest and exploratory way, the team at The Ear underlines that;

“…the BRAVURA headphone teamed up with a Sonoma amplifier certainly treats listeners to a compelling sonic ride, and it produces vivid dynamic and spatial detail…”

In their conclusion, The Ear express that the electrostatic BRAVURA headphone;

“has given us a mature version of the technology that, while it may not satisfy all potential buyers, can certainly now be considered a mainstream contender purely on its sonic merits.”

Excitingly, The Ear has awarded the BRAVURA Headphone a fabulous 5 STAR status!!


Read the Full Review here.


Thank you The Ear.