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The Absolute Sound – BRAVURA Review


Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA Headphone System Review
‘State of the Art’


In 2017, Steve Stone of The Absolute Sound reviewed the Sonoma Model One Headphone System with which he was very impressed with. 5 years on, Steve has spent some time with the Sonoma M1 Headphone replacement – the BRAVURA, and explores in his detailed to review how it compares.

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In summary, Steve Stone writes;

“When I reviewed the original Sonoma M1 system, I said that “its variations from perfection were small, involving long-term listening comfort, cable hardware, and susceptibility to distortion from excessively high analog input levels.” The new Bravura headset has rectified these issues. Does the Bravura M1 rate as the best in the world? Since I have not heard every flagship headphone, I can’t make that statement, but I can write with conviction that the Bravura is the best headphone system I’ve experienced so far and may well be the endgame for anyone looking for a state-of-the-art reference headphone”. 

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The Absolute Sound BRAVURA Headphone Review