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Studiomagazin reviews the APERIO

The Best of the Best

This is the title of Fritz Fey’s recent review of our APERIO electrostatic Headphone System in the March edition of StudioMagazin.

A summary of the review, which is in German, is below;

With the APERIO Warwick acoustics is putting its Sonoma M1 system into the shadows.  That was the plan and it worked.  My enthusiasm for the M1 is in no way diminished because, as you can read elsewhere in this issue, the last percentage points of quality improvement are unfortunately also the most expensive.  Sometimes this goes into the somewhat disproportionate direction of a fivefold purchase price, as the development of the APERIO system proves.  By the way, APERIO comes from the latin word “Aperio” and is used to describe the means ‘to uncover’, ‘to expose’, ‘to reveal’ or ‘to betray’.  So this is the name of the program and you should treat yourself to this pleasure at the next opportunity at a trade fair or demo event.

Fritz concludes by saying;

  “It is without question an absolutely special listening experience, which I will remember with pleasure when the black trunk and its contents travel from here again. The ultimate headphone sound! – one is allowed to dream…”

To see the full review click here.