The Sonoma Headphone & DAC unit

Sonoma Model One yet again becomes ‘Reference Headphone’

Frank Borowski from the German website ‘LowBeats’ reviews the Sonoma Model One and selects it as his new reference headphone system.

The review which is in German is summed up below;

Conclusion Sonoma M1 – Really great head cinema

You have to be careful with superlatives. Especially as a tester of high-quality audio components. Having recently rated the LB-acoustics MySphere as a personal new reference for dynamic headphones, I must now give this honor to the Sonoma M1 for electrostatics without a doubt. However, the concepts are so different, not only because of the built-in driver technology, that a clear classification as “better” or “worse” is hardly possible.

While I like the comfort of the MySphere even more, because there is simply nothing on the ears, the Sonoma M1 impresses with its simplicity, which sets standards especially for electrostatics. I can’t imagine anyone not liking that sound. He is absolutely not a whitewasher, but simply convincing in all respects. Headphones you can hardly hear enough of.

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