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Sonoma™ Model One Electrostatic Headphone System Garners Spot on Tyll Hertsens’ Coveted “wall of Fame” at Innerfidelity

Sonoma Acoustics announced today that Tyll Hertsens of had awarded its Model One Electrostatic Headphone System a spot on his much-coveted Wall of Fame.

“To have our first product named to Tyll’s Wall of Fame is indeed a real honor,” said David Kawakami, GM, Sonoma Acoustics. In addition to posting on his website one of the most comprehensive reviews yet to appear on the M1, Mr. Hertsens has also made an accompanying 18-minute video which can be seen on YouTube. “Audiophiles are always hungry for information, so we’re grateful to Tyll for covering the M1 so thoroughly.”

In Mr. Hertsens’ summary to his online review, he writes, “Music listening pleasure is the paramount characteristic for any audio gear in my opinion and the Model One delivers. Headphones should be evaluated on that score, and I’ll need the Model One to compare. Up on the Wall of Fame it goes!”

For Tyll Hertsens’ full review, please go to:

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