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Max Delissen of has recently completed his review of the BRAVURA headphone.

In his review found here (it is in Dutch), Max explains that he found his experience with the BRAVURA to be very positive, and underlines that “seriously good headphones can really add value to the overall music experience”.

Max’s concluded words were;

“The Warwick Acoustics Bravura, available in silver and (slightly more expensive) black, with its accompanying Sonoma amplifier/energizer makes for an insanely good sounding set. Whether the Bravura is the best headphone of all time I cannot say, but it was by far the best headphone I have ever heard. The reproduction was extremely transparent, but unlike some other expensive headphone amp sets, it managed to avoid a certain audiophile thinness. The reproduction was substantial and colorful, so this set didn’t really favor any particular genres.”

To read the full review – click here. have awarded the BRAVURA Headphone Four and a Half Stars.

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