The Sonoma Headphone & DAC unit

HiFi News takes a look at the new Sonoma M1

Andrew Everard and Keith Howard of HiFi News review the Sonoma Model One (M1) Headphone System from the new kids on the block Sonoma Acoustics (now known as Warwick Acoustics Ltd).

Does this high-end luxury headphone solution with its electrostatic technology impress the ‘head-fi’ enthusiasts?  This is the question that this detailed headphone review looks at, whilst explaining the technology under the ‘hood’ in the headphones and amplifier.

Their overall verdict?

You’ve got to be pretty fanatical about your headphone listening to drop £5k on a pair of cans, but if you are and you do, then the Sonoma M1 will reward you with a sound of spine-tingling clarity and dynamic ability, allied to an open spaciousness that makes almost any well-produced album an enthralling experience. Add in the sense of luxury of the whole enterprise and you have a very special system indeed.

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