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Headphone Guru – What Music Should Sound Like

“The BRAVURA – What Music Should Sound Like”

Our electrostatic BRAVURA Headphone System has been with Gary Barker of Headphone Guru over the past weeks. Gary, who has been in the Audio Industry since 1978 is very knowledgeable about electrostatics and has been waiting patiently to get his hands on a BRAVURA system to review them…and now that he has, read his full in-depth review here.


In his summary, Gary explains;

“It was very difficult to put down the Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA Electrostatic Headphone System as I just want to keep listening, exploring new depths in all of my favorite recordings. It is hard to express the speed of the BRAVURA, its ability to bring out the complex tonality of each instrument. When a string is plucked, you hear the plucking of the string, the vibration of the string, the resonance of the wood, and the reflections of the room. Simply put, if you are looking for a turn-key reference headphone system this is the system for you, regardless of your musical preferences”

“I had to wait seven years to finally fully audition a Warwick Acoustics headphone system, over a year since the BRAVURA’s introduction, but I can only say that it was well worth the wait, the Warwick Acoustics BRAVURA Electrostatic Headphone System sits at the top of my recommendations list.”

Read the full review here