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Headphone Guru reviews The APERIO

The Master of Detail Retrieval – The APERIO from Warwick Acoustics 

Frank Iacone of Headphone Guru has completed a full detailed review of our flagship APERIO electrostatic headphone system after spending some time with it.

His thoughts in the review were that;

“Warwick Acoustics has created a true reference system that will make many companies take notice. The APERIO is here and is designed for the music lover who wants one system with one transducer to end the ride on the never-ending merry go round”.

He concludes his review with;

“The APERIO is a terrific system that delivers big-time musicality and garners our highest recommendation for the listener who wants the best in headphone listening with a system that can also be used in a two-channel system to make it a more memorable listening experience. Listen to the APERIO and you may find your wallet a little lighter as it delivers what many listeners are looking for in a system.
The APERIO may well be the End of the road for system buying and for Warwick a major achievement in sound design. Sensational!!!”

To read the full review click here.