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David Robinson reviews the APERIO

Impressions: The Warwick Acoustics APERIO Reference Headphone Amp / Preamp and DAC

The legendary David Robinson of Positive Feedback has spent some time with our flagship APERIO Headphone System and completed an in-depth review for all to read (click here).

In his review, David discusses the design of the APERIO, further to the technological advancements of the proprietary BD-HPEL, the sound and its overall performance.

David’s final thoughts were;

“Having heard both the Sonoma Model One and now the Warwick Acoustics Aperio Silver…
…I can say that Warwick Acoustics have finally fulfilled the extraordinary promise that I first heard in their line years ago. Patience has paid off, monumentally…and the results speak for themselves. (Or would, if they could speak. That’s why I’m here.)

Combining lambskin comfort and light, open headphones, with the exceptional BD-HPEL transducers, the fully-dedicated Aperio system embodies the highest levels of transparency, detail, and clarity. The dynamics are more than your ears will take! The harmonic structure is exceptionally balanced, with no sense of roll-off at the high frequencies. It does this without leaving the lower frequencies behind. The sense of soundspace is remarkable. There is real presence with the Aperio, with actual decay being discernible. Nor is the listener left worn out with heavy, closed-in sound, as I can confirm after many sessions…over months…of multi-hour listening.

There is no doubt about it in my mind:  The Aperio Headphone Amp/up-to-DSD256 DAC/Preamp sets a new global standard for all headphone systems to aspire to. This is world-class audio performance of the highest level of achievement.

Therefore, the Warwick Acoustics Aperio System receives a “Ye Olde Editor’s ‘very highest recommendation'”…with great delight!”


To read the full APERIO review, click here.