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Crutchfield Review of the BRAVURA

Jeff Miller from Crutchfield reviews the BRAVURA

We were exciting to send our latest BRAVURA Headphone to the well-respected Jeff Miller (also known as the ‘Headphone Guy’) at Crutchfield for a full review, and were anxious at the same time to hear his thoughts.


His first impressions in his review were….

“Some headphones are known for certain strengths and sonic characteristics. But in terms of the overall listening experience, the Warwick Acoustic Bravura headphone system is one of the best I’ve ever heard”


Crutchfield Review of BRAVURA


Within his review (click here), Jeff evaluates all the technical aspects of the electrostatic BRAVURA, its technical abilities and why, for him, it delivers “one of the most transparent resolving sonic experiences I’ve heard – with bass you can feel”

“This Bravura system offers one of the best examples of that profound electrostatic transparency, where it feels as if the sound is simultaneously emanating from everywhere and nowhere at once.  

The beauty in this system is that it doesn’t really impose itself on the music you’re listening to. That’s not to say it’s reserved — though it can be if the song or genre calls for it. But if the track calls for big and over-the-top, these headphones can certainly oblige. This headphone system is designed to allow a song’s character to shine through rather than force-feeding you its own personality.

As I’ve noted with other electrostatic systems, when I put these on I get the sense that I’m almost “inside” the music, a part of it. Imaging is spot-on, rendering a genuine sense of place. Lead vocals were typically right in front of me, dead center, and there was tremendous instrument separation. “


To read the full review, visit the BRAVURA Headphone section on the Crutchfield website here and select the overview tab.


Moreover, watch Jeff’s video review of the Headphone below. It’s certainly a great watch for those wanting to learn why the BRAVURA is literally turning heads and breathing life into your music playlist like no other system.



Crutchfield BRAVURA Review Video