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Regional Finalist for ‘The Spectators Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards 2019’

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Warwick Acoustics has been listed as a regional finalists for ‘The Spectators Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards 2019’, sponsored by Julius Baer. The Economic Disruptor of the Year recognises the companies that have made an impact within their sector of business and are disrupting their marketplace.

Warwick Acoustics’ invention of a new-in car audio experience – ‘the electrostatic audio system‘ – is revolutionising the future of how car manufacturers design audio systems around the vehicle’s cabin.

It’s thin film, light weight, patented electrostatic transducer modules can be built to almost any shape and boast benefits of significant weight and space saving, energy efficiency and are rare-earth metal free.

This revolutionary advancement in technology and innovation has been acknowledged by the judges of the ‘Economic Disruptor of the Year Awards‘ adding Warwick Acoustics to an elite list of businesses working towards addressing today’s pressing environmental issues.

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