Lite_Magazin Image Sonoma M1

Probably the worlds most complete Headphone / Headphone-Amp-Systems – Lite Magazin

The latest review of the Sonoma Headphone System from Lite-Magazin, Germany, states that it is

“…Probably the worlds most complete Headphone/Headphone-Amp-Systems and one of the best sounding Headphone-Combos we ever had in our listening-room…”

The review written by the editor of Lite-Magazin Volker Frech goes on to say that the multi-award-winning system is a “…a mechanical masterpiece… a complete system for perfect consistency…offers a relaxed music enjoyment…value for money… a world-class headphone system on a reference level…”

Volker has even given the Sonoma Model One a score of 98 / 100!


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21st January 2019