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PF Brutus Award 2020 – APERIO

Following on from David Robinson’s (Positive Feedback) detailed review on the APERIO (click here to read), we are excited to hear today that the APERIO has been given a ‘PF Brutus Award 2020’.

As quoted by David himself,
“The Brutus Awards are given at the end of each year, in recognition of the best high-end audio gear that Dave Clark and I as Editors of Positive Feedback have had in our own listening rooms for evaluation during that calendar year. These are entirely our own subjective choices, based on our own tastes in what’s righteous…and what’s not….”

The team at Warwick Acoustics is over the moon to have received this recognition from an audiophile legend like David Robinson.

We like to thank David and his team for all his continued support and acknowledgement of our range of electrostatic headphone systems.


Read the full Brutus Award article here.