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Mobilefidelity-Magazin Reviews the Sonoma M1

Warwick Acoustics’ Sonoma Model One has received another outstanding review and performance score from the reputable Mobilefidelity Magazin in Germany.

The team at Mobilefidelity Magazin concluded in their review that;

“…the Sonoma M1 is a nobly manufactured high-end system that is incredibly precise and transparent, sounds extroadinarily natural and balanced, and ultimately acts at a reference level. In addition, it releases emotions that inevitably fascinate the listener across all musical genres and captivates them for hours. This makes listening to music an absolute pleasure, of which you can hardly get enough off and can sometimes bring tears to your eyes!…”

A final score of 90.2 out 100 was awarded, and a ‘very good’ status for Price-Performance attributed.

The full review can be reviewed by clicking here.

(N.B. Please note that the review is in German)