HiFi+ Editors Choice Award APERIO

Editors’ Choice 2020 – HiFi+

Within its 21st Anniversary Special Edition, HiFi+ Magazine has awarded our flagship APERIO Headphone System with the ‘Editors’ Choice’ Award for 2020.

It’s the APERIO’s fifth accolade, and another endorsement truly propelling this ‘complete system design’ to the forefront of the premium audio industry.

Editor Chris Martin felt that,

“The system’s voicing comes as close to the ideal of neutrality as anything I have ever heard (including some exceedingly expensive speaker-based systems).”

In his in-depth review (which you can read by clicking here), Chris goes on to say that,

“Resolution, transient accuracy, and almost binding tonal purity are three of the APERIO’s strengths.”

To read the Editors’ Choice Award review in HiFi+’s 21st Anniversary Edition, click here.