The Sonoma Headphone & DAC unit

Bolstered by the First Order for Its Model One, Sonoma Acoustics Heads to CanJam NYC

Bolstered by the First Order for its Model One Sonoma Acoustics Heads to CanJam NYC Tokyo—January 31, 2017—Sonoma Acoustics announced today that it had received the first order for its Model One (M1) Electrostatic Headphone System from Emilai Inc, its distributor in Japan. The company made the announcement as it prepared to show the M1 at CanJam NYC scheduled for February 4-5, 2017 at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square. This will be the first time that the M1 has been demonstrated in the New York area. “We couldn’t be happier about getting this first order from the folks at Emilai,” said David Kawakami, GM, Sonoma Acoustics. “After first meeting Emilai at RMAF in Denver last October, we have been working closely with them ever since to plan the introduction of the M1 in Japan.” Kenzo Kono, Founder & CEO of Emilai, commented, “We love the whole Sonoma story and, based on the reactions to the Model One we witnessed at the two biggest headphone festivals in Tokyo, we want to be the first to offer this product in Japan.” Sonoma Acoustics, which began showing prototypes of its M1 Electrostatic Headphone System at CanJam London in August 2016, is very close to shipping the first production units in the UK, US and Japan. The M1 is the world’s first headphone system to incorporate the revolutionary High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL) transducer developed by Warwick Audio Technologies in the UK. “With the spring launch around the corner, we’re looking forward to being back in New York where we all worked during our days when the SACD project was headquartered there,” Kawakami said. “We have lots of friends in the press and golden ear community in New York and can’t wait to get their feedback on the M1.”