The HPEL Transducer has an oval shaped frame with a honeycomb infrastructure

Technology & Integration


A patented design of electrostatic speaker that delivers all of the benefits of traditional electrostatic speakers in a lightweight, flexible, scalable and highly repeatable package.

Key Features

  • Active speaker with integrated high voltage PSU and high-powered amplifier.
  • Patented bonded multilayer structure.
  • Membrane <2mm thick.
  • Cassette thickness 10mm.
  • Can be made to any 2D shape or form.
  • Potentially highly directional depending on shape.
  • Wideband performance, typically 150Hz to 60kHz.
  • Maximum SPL 80-105dB+ depending on size.
  • A variety of digital and analog interface options.
  • Environmentally friendly.¬†Utilises no rare earth metals, VOC content significantly less than traditional speakers. Easily recyclable.
Dark red dashboard interior of a luxury car


Our speakers and enclosing rear cavity (where applicable) are custom designed and optimised using COMSOL FEA modelling to fit each desired location within each vehicle. Our sound engineers spend several hundred hours listening to every single system we produce creating an in-car experience of unparalleled purity and clarity that will astound, inspire, and engage. Through objective testing we check the frequency, power and directionality of each audio source using highly sensitive measuring equipment. Listening tests are then carried out first by our own tuners, and then by a panel of expert listeners whose responses are carefully analysed to ensure a Warwick Acoustic system delivers the experience our customers expect.