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Electrostatic Audio Solutions

Warwick Acoustics’ mission is to disrupt the delivery of entertainment within the next generation of electrified and autonomous vehicles. The company is doing this through the creation of a new category of design enabling, environmentally friendly audio solution, ‘the electrostatic in-car audio system’.

Our thin film, light weight, patented electrostatic transducer modules can be built to almost any shape, are highly power efficient, and are rare-earth metal free. They also offer significant cost reductions over currently deployed audio systems.

At Warwick Acoustics, we believe in delivering remarkable listening experiences and echoing the emotion of the artist’s original musical performance. It is no surprise therefore that our automotive products deliver the same outstanding audio quality as our headphone solutions.

We are currently engaged with multiple OEM’s and Tier 1 suppliers and are developing solutions for a range of in-car audio system applications.


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